Allowing Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases to leak from air conditioning is against the law.

"Doing nothing is not an option!"

EU Regulations demand that users of refrigerant gases follow a number of inspection, monitoring, and reporting procedures at specified intervals.  This is to ensure unauthorised leak of HFC’s which are linked to global warming when not contained.

Owners of air conditioning systems must comply with a range of increasingly complex legislation.

Airco Cooling Services has extensive experience and can guide you through this legal maze, with our tailor made service and maintenance contracts.  We provide you with complete peace of mind, knowing you will be fully compliant and help you to meet the following obligations:

F Gas Regulations

Airco Cooling Services will ensure leak detection tests are carried out, repairing leaks promptly, recovering and disposing of refrigerants, provide the necessary paperwork as evidence of compliance with the regulations. We are registered with REFCOM and the Environment Agency.


Air Conditioning Energy Assessments

Airco Cooling Services carries out the legally required Air Conditioning Energy Assessments for  level 3 air conditioning inspections. 

Legally, if your site has over 12 kw of air conditioning equipment and also it is coming up to 5 years old, you are required to have this inspection carried out.  There are fines, should you be visited by a Trading Standards officer, so please be aware if you have non compliant you may be fined.

The best way to be compliant is to have your inspection carried out a few months prior to the 5 year date.  Then you have your certificate ready should you have an inspection.


First 4 Supplies Ltd Trading as Airco Cooling Services. Registered in England 04256019


 The law and your obligations;
  • We ensure your systems are F Gas compliant.
  • We ensure you have an up to date assett register on site.
  • We carry out level 3 air conditioning energy assesments for commercial buildings.

Law Books


Call us to request a site survey to check if you are compliant with the latest legislation.


Please help to look after our environment for our children's future.

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